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When I moved to university I knew that finding a dance school or society was a priority for me – before I left school, I danced four different classes a week and having a summer off was actually really hard. When I got to go to my first taster class at uni I remember blogging about how excited I was because god, I ached but it was the kind of ache I’d missed.

Now, weeks later, I’ve tried out for the jazz team here at uni and we’re three weeks into training and learning the dance. Tonight, the coach and third year girls (who’ve been part of the Ravens squad since their first year, I believe) offered me a lift back to my halls – walking back across the park in the dark on your own is a little bit risky, one of my flat mates was threatened with a knife there so they didn’t want me walking back alone.

So being driven back, we got chatting – talking about plans for the weeks and the evening, I told them about my boyfriend and they asked about what I was doing and they just seemed really interested in me. This surprised me only because I’ve known them for such a short amount of time and there’s only a couple of us that are new to the team this year.

They said at the welcome meeting that the girls that are on your dance team become your best friends – a lot of them live together now and they’re all really, really close but seeing a bit of that tonight and seeing it as something I might actually be involved with has just made me really happy.

Before Christmas we learn the routine and train, that’s about it but after Christmas was refine the routine and start competing. There’re 5 competitions and all but one of them involve staying overnight somewhere – involve staying in hotels or travelodges (or whatever) with these girls and I just got all excited about how it’s basically going to be like a gossipy sleepover. 

Everyone on the dance team is so nice and they all get as excited about leotards and pretty costumes and stretching as I do and tonight I was told that I’m going to get a little solo (I think) and I’m just really excited about dance.

There’s a lot going on right now and I’m stressed out and overwhelmed but as I always say in every single blog post it seems – I’m excited.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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