Page 321 of 365: Lip Piercing!

Lucas is pretty.


Today was a pretty organised day – I had an opticians appointment (had to get new glasses because my eyes are getting better, which is always a bonus!) then went and got my lip pierced.

I thought I’d just book an appointment – it’s something I knew I’d never quite actually make the decision for so I just needed to do it but no, they do it then and there on the day so ten minutes after I left the opticians I had a lip piercing!

Lucas and I then went to Argos, Ikea and the Build a Bear store because we’re real adults who buy cuddly toys and bear costumes.

Having a lip piercing is weird – apparently the lip swells quite a bit so they put a really long bar in when they first do it to accommodate for it but for now it’s just strange. The stud either sticks out really far from my face or really far into my mouth. It felt really weird for a couple of hours but I think I’m kind of used to it already – I really like it and I can’t wait to get another stud or a hoop after Christmas.

It did hurt, I won’t lie – I squeezed Lucas’s hand very tight after the woman told me to close my eyes (which just made it more scary because I didn’t really know what was going on) but it was over really quick and then it was done and my lips was pierced to match my newly bleached hair.

I was going to redo the blue but I really love the blonde right now so I’m going to stick with it until I really want blue/coloured hair again!

I’m doing everything my mum hoped I wouldn’t – getting tattoos, dying my hair and getting my lip piercing. Which reminds me – I’m getting another tattoo in eleven days!

All exciting things – I seem to be ending every blog post like that!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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