Page 320 of 365: I’m blogging for UCAS!



I’m very excited about this blog post – I got an email from my friend Sean over at UCAS (I say friend, we’ve been emailing about this blogging thing for a while so a sarcastic reference to friendship is allowed) last week about the final details for setting up and writing my first blog post for UCAS to introduce myself.

And today, on my lunch break between shorthand and a writing seminar, I got round to reading the email, logging into the account and introducing myself! I wasn’t entirely sure what style to use so I tried to combine the informal style I have here on this blog with the more formal style I use on my uni blog to make something relatable, enjoyable to read and somewhat professional (got to think of those potential employers, right?).

I’m really excited about this – I’m hoping that I get a list of themes or guidelines that will give my ideas to what to write about and then I’ll pick one day a week (like with my uni blog) to write for UCAS. I like writing about uni and my experience vs other peoples so I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it!

It’ll give me the change to kind of analyse what I’m doing and my uni life so far – having just moved into a much more creative course than I ever did at school, finding accommodation for next year even though I only moved to Southampton two months ago and being someone who definitely isn’t into partying as much as your average fresher and thoroughly enjoyed making a lasagne with Lucas the other day, I’d say my university experience is very different to a lot of other peoples and it’ll be interesting to write about!

And it’ll look good on my CV if it works out well! Maybe someone will see my writing and really like it! Who knows, I’m excited to find out.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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