Page 318 of 365: Pray for Paris



Today is a day that it doesn’t feel appropriate to blog about anything but the horrible things that happened in Paris last night.

I was following twitter last night and saw the first report of gunfire in Paris with the reporter counting 10 dead or injured. Over the night as the situation developed and worsened and this morning it was suspected that 150 people have been killed. If it does total over 150, it’s the worst attack France has faced since World War 2. 

The whole world seems to have shut down today – France has gone into mourning for three days and the Eiffel Tower has been shut off. Disneyland Paris has shut for one day – the first day since it opened in 1992.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking seeing all the tragedy that’s going on around the world right now – the bombings in Lebanon, the earthquakes in Japan and Mexico and the other disasters of Friday 13th. 

Lucas and I had a really deep talk about ISIS and what’s going to happen next and what could be the future of this crisis and I think this is key to something so much bigger. I’m actually scared of what’s going to happen next but I’m going to continuing praying for Paris and other victims and hope for peace in the future.

I feel like sarcastic side comments in brackets aren’t appropriate today, maybe tomorrow.

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Sophie xx

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