Page 316 of 365: Pancakes at Sprinkles



Tonight my mum and my sister came into Southampton and Lucas and I met up with them for dinner. It was so nice to see them and catch up and tell them things that I’d forgotten to tell them about on Facebook or whatever.

It was so nice for them to meet Lucas in person – I’ve been living with him for a couple of months now and they’ve not met yet and I’m so excited to take him to my home town and show him around where I grew up and the little town I’ve grown to be so fond of.

I was really pleased that Lucas and my family got on – I was worried that it would be really awkward and they’d have nothing to talk about and I’d have to try and keep both of them happy whilst they both felt awkward and uncomfortable but that didn’t happen! Everyone was chatting, Lucas made my family laugh and they all made jokes at my expense.

Which is when you know that everything’s going to be okay with your friends and your parents.

After dinner we looked at the dessert menu of the restaurant at the hotel they’re staying in and it was fancy pants and mildly disappointing so I mentioned going to Sprinkles Galeto, across town. So we walked ten minutes across town and got waffles and pancakes with toppings and ice cream and Laura (my sister) and I failed to finish but mum and Lucas finished and started eating ours.

It was just a really nice night – everyone got on, it was funny and good to catch up with my family. Now I’m watching Bo Burnham’s ‘What’ DVD with Lucas.

Overall a very good night!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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