Page 315 of 365: I had an idea



Last night, either as I was walking back from the train station or as I was falling asleep, I had an idea for a blog post. It was brilliant, it was clever, it would probably be quite funny and I thought there’d be no way I could ever forget it. It would never be forgotten, that’s just how good it is.

You can probably guess from this blog post that I did not remember my good idea. I don’t know why I thought not writing it down was a good idea – I knew I’d forget it and I remember having this mental discussion with myself before I fell asleep but somehow, I reached the conclusion that I definitely wouldn’t need to write it down.

So what you, as a reader, need to remember is that this blog post was going to be brilliant – it was going to be like the moment in your favourite movie when the protagonist goes on a massive spiel about how they knew the antagonist’s plan all along and you know that good will overpower evil.

It was going to be that good.

But alas, this is not.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll think of something good – my mum’s coming to visit with my sister so I’m very excited to see them!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx 

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