Page 313 of 365: Making cottage pie!



Today I greet you as an accomplished chef. And by accomplished chef, I mean Lucas made most of the cottage pie and I helped and we’ll do it more mutually next time we make it.

I was going to write a full on recipe but what we didn’t realise when we started making the cottage pie is that it would take us two and a half hours and we didn’t eat dinner till really late but it was so worth it, I can’t get over how good this cottage pie was.

There was cheesy mash, there was beef that didn’t give us food poisoning and there was seasoning it was glorious! We need to work on portion sizes etc because there was way too much for three of us but it was really good.

I really like cooking, it’s not something I’m good at naturally – I’m better at baking – but I want to learn to be better. I’m excited to move into a smaller flat next week where I’ll have more fridge space and we can cook as a kitchen and it’ll be so cute. Maybe we’ll even get a Christmas tree.

Which reminds me, I need to get some Christmas decorations. I’m feeling super Christmassy right now and it’s November. I might buy an advent calendar to countdown to December.

With festive distractions aside, the cottage pie was surprisingly successful! Lucas and I are a great cooking pair and Nikki said she wouldn’t mind paying for ingredients if we cook, so it sounds like we’ve got a little deal set up.

The wording is awful – I’m very tired and I’m feeling pretty ill right now but conclusion: cottage pie was good.

Tomorrow I’m going out for the night with Lucas so I’ll probably blog before I go – exciting times!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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