Page 311 of 365: Fireworks Night



Tonight, as the closest Saturday to Bonfire Night, was the night there was a big fireworks events at a park near the docks in Southampton. Lucas and I (being the super clever people we are) thought we could beat the whole ‘paying for entry’ thing by watching the fireworks from a park near our halls – we didn’t have to walk as far and we’d get to see the fireworks right? Wrong. We had a nemesis that defeated our firework watching abilities.

Trees. There are trees in parks. Trees mean you can’t see fireworks from a distance.

But we saw a few of them, we’d got Chinese take out and I’d brought enough layers that I wasn’t cold and it was actually a really nice night – we sat in the park near us, then we walked through town and actually ended up heading towards the docks. I have a mild obsession with water at night and lights and it was really beautiful – the header photo really doesn’t capture it! We also got to see some fireworks over the Isle of Wight and with the big fun fair behind us, we figure we’re probably some of the only people in Southampton that saw the fireworks on the Isle of Wight and that was just really special. It wasn’t actually anything special but to think that we were the only people watching them from so far away just made me smile a lot – it really helped that I wore enough layers not to be cold, because after sitting still on a wet bench for much longer than I anticipated, it actually got a little chilly.

Bonfire Night and Fireworks Night or whatever you want to call them have never really been a big deal to me – normally it’s just a few fireworks and a Catherine wheel in the back garden and scaling up to Southampton is a big change, but being so separate from it on that bench by the docks just made it special.

We’re definitely going to go back to the docks on a quieter night and just listen to the sound of waves – maybe I’ll save it for a night when I’m particularly stressed out, that sounds like a plan.

Damn it I always end up saying nice things about Lucas online and not to his face. His ego doesn’t need the inflation (I know he reads these sometimes, I have to be somewhat mean to him to maintain the balance of the universe!).

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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