Page 310 of 365: Meet Nikki



After my post about Lucas earlier in the week, Nikki deserves one too. We’ve formed a little squad now – Lucas, Nikki, Nick (Lucas’s course mate) and I and they’ve all decided they want blog posts so I’ll pass the computer around and tell you all about Nikki!

SOOOO, (Lucas here) Nikki eh? Where to start? I mean she says she’s my reason for being alive for starters so there’s that… Nikki is a great person and so much fun to hang around with, she just lightens up the room whenever she walks in and has been a wonder to live with. She is super sociable and will talk to anyone and that is just one of her many good qualities! On top of all of this, she loves Doctor Who just as much as Sophie and I!!!! I think I may have fed enough of her ego for today sooooooooooo onto Nick!!

HELLLO!!! (I like this word) I’m Nick. Nikki what to say about Nikki… I’ve only known her for a couple of days! She’s cool, she is a funny person that makes evenings less boring in the halls. Her name is like mine so, yea like me!!! NIKKI…. bye 😛

Hey ^_^ I’m Nikki and I feel very lucky to have these super special people in my life. It’s very rare to find people that can make you laugh snort and get stomach cramps from laughing just from Benedict Cumberbatch mispronunciations. Life is weird and crazy at the moment but these people make me feel a lot more sane. There all amazing Sophie can listen to your problems and never judge, Lucas gives good hugs and Nick makes me laugh. So yeah love them, LATERS. PEACE.

I have the best friends ever and now you’ve met most of the Squad. We’ve scheduled when we’re going to write a post about Nick.

Nikki is my best girl friend and I’m so lucky to have her – we have many girly chats and I’m so glad that all my friends are boys because I could not tell Lucas everything I tell Nikki. We’re basically the same person – we’re both fangirls (expect Nikki’s better at hiding it than me), it was really weird when we moved in because every time we talked we’d find something else that we had in common and we’d freak out a little bit because we are the same person.

I think the only difference we’ve found so far is that she likes marmite and I don’t.

I’m so lucky to have Nikki (and the rest of the Squad) in my life and I hope they don’t go away any time soon!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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