Page 309 of 365: Bonfire Night



I’ll be honest, I completely forgot it was Bonfire Night until my flatmate Lucas suggested we could go watch fireworks from the park tonight but on my walk back from uni mid-afternoon today I got absolutely drenched – on a ten minute walk – so as my hair is still a little bit soggy, we’re not going out tonight.

I think most of my flat are going out tonight so once again – I’m baking.

Well, my friend Nick is baking a carrot cake because he wants a carrot cake and I’m watching whilst blogging sitting on the counter in the kitchen. I may or may not have got literally no sleep last night and I’m running off a two and a half hour nap I had between two sessions at uni today.

I’m very tired.

It’s going to be a good night – we’re going to finish the cupcakes from the Halloween Baking Adventure, Nick’s going to make his carrot cake, we’re probably going to watch a movie or something and pretend we’ll watch some fireworks but we’re all exhausted and we’ll probably just end up lounging on my bed, too lazy to change the DVD or too indecisive about what we should watch. 

I love fireworks and tonight would probably be the best night to go watch them, but there’s a big fireworks display down by the docks on Saturday in Mayflower Park but last time I was at Mayflower Park it was a very muddy field and I imagine you have to pay for entry so, in all honesty, we probably will just stay in and watch Doctor Who in my room with a variety of chocolate treats.

I have so many sweets in my room. I have no regrets.

Or maybe we’ll bake some more! Who knows! Truly thrilling updates with Sophie!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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