Page 308 of 365: Recording Studio!



Today is a late one because I only just got back from uni – my flat mate Lucas’s course friend had booked a recording studio to sing some songs for an assignment project (or something, I’m not entirely sure what) and Lucas asked if I wanted to go with them – they wanted as many voices as possible and he said I can sing (direct quote, I’d say I can hold a tune at best) so it would somewhat drown out the… other voices.

He insulted his friends’ singing capabilities not me!

But it was so fun! I have absolutely no idea how to set up mics or to make the studio work but I got to wear headphones and sing and it felt so professional! Other than the fact we were singing Thunderbirds Are Go, Bohemian Rhapsody and Shake It Off.

It was really fun – I’ve dreamed of being in environments like that since I started watching Hannah Montana and wondering if I could have an alternative identity and be a famous singer (I was determined to have a Disney Channel show when I was 12… clearly that went well!) and even though we were just pratting around and not doing anything serious at all, it was so much fun to spend the night with some of my best friends (I missed Nikki, she wasn’t there) doing something I love.

Lucas and I are hoping to get another studio out soon and with the help of his friends maybe we could actually record some decent covers. So far I’ve just sat in front of a camera with a mic and done it all in one take – I can’t wait to make my content better now that I have access to these facilities. It’s so lame but I’m so excited.

(if you want to watch my covers playlist on YouTube you can do so here)

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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