Page 304 of 365: Lip Piercing?



I’ve wanted a lip piercing for quite a while now – probably since before Christmas, so about 11 months, maybe closer to a year and I still really want one. 

But my mum doesn’t like them. If I was that kind of person I’d say hey, I’m 19, I don’t need her permission I could just get it and that kind of person is right, but it’s not her permission I want.

It’s her approval.

When I asked her if she’d kill me if I got a lip piercing she said ‘please don’t get one, I won’t like prison food’ and part of me is still thinking, but she can’t do anything about it – I could get the piercing now, find some clear studs for when I’m home out of respect but my mum still wouldn’t like it.

I waited till February to get my first tattoo because my mum was dead set against them but I told her that I only wanted little ones, I wasn’t going to be someone who had sleeves of tattoos because that’s not what I want – I don’t think I’d suit it and I don’t want it and now, she says she really likes my first tattoo! She said she might even get it too, which is a huge, huge step from where she stood on tattoos a year ago.

So I’m hoping to work the same magic with a lip piercing. And I want your help.

In the comments, leave messages on your opinions on piercings (good or bad, I love a bit of variety) or your stories of piercings – I’m not looking for a giant ring or to be covered in them, I just want a little lip ring and I want your help to convince my mum they’re not all that bad.

Sorry mum! I should probably say ‘sorry nan’ while I’m at it… this probably isn’t the kind of content you want to be reading… oops!

Thank you for reading!

Sophie xx

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