Page 303 of 365: Panic! At The Disco Tickets!



Today has been a long day to end a very long week, but it was almost worth getting up at half past 9 this morning because three of my flatmates and I got tickets to see Panic! At The Disco! The one date they’re doing in London next January and we’ve got circle tickets and it’s going to be amazing.

I only started listening to Panic! when I bought ‘Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die’ for my mum at Christmas but I fell in love with the album and adore it. My flat mates have been educating me on older Panic! stuff and it’s been a wonderful journey. They’ve become one of my favourite bands.

Getting the tickets was… interesting to say the least – my flat mate knocked on my door at twenty to ten and I was awake but I was still in my pyjamas so I let him in and went back to bed with my laptop to wait until ten for the tickets to go on sale.

Gigsandtours than had some sort of malfunction and kept saying the tickets weren’t on sale but I got through on ticketmaster (for once) and we managed to get circle tickets – the floor tickets must have sold out in second because we didn’t take that long.

By ten past ten the tickets were all paid for. I wasn’t in uni till 1 so I stayed in bed a bit longer then made pasta with a cheesy sauce for lunch and watched YouTube till I went to photography, where my teacher basically told me and my friend we were the best in the class and it was great.

My teacher’s like me – what can I say? I’m just a wonderful student.

Please take note: sarcasm.

So I got Panic! At The Disco tickets and my photography teacher likes me – it may have been a long end to a long week but it wasn’t a bad one. Now for a night of watching Doctor Who and snacking with my flat mates!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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