Page 300 of 365: 2 hours in the rain



Today is my 300th consecutive post! And my plan is to complain about rain. 

Not complain, let me explain, my story about rain. Sorry I started rhyming and I couldn’t stop.

Today is my day off from uni so normally I sleep till 12, do a bit of laundry and potter around in my room until my friends get back and we do something. But I had a story to be a ‘mobile journalist’ for so I had to go take photos of someone taking photos for the story.

I wasn’t actually too bothered about it though because it meant I had to get up and I was up at a reasonable time* (*for a student) and I did my washing, started writing up some notes and then went to meet the guy taking photos. We had to go to this park where they’re building a pier that’s meant to be a bit like Brighton Pier when it’s built (I think), so it’ll have attractions and be a tourist kind of site (if I understand the story at all, that is).

And the natural association of the pier is the sea (or a body of water, in this case an estuary… that’s what I learned today) and I love the sea (or associated bodies of water). I didn’t actually mind it being rainy – I really like the rain and the sea.

I ended up being in the rain for approximately two hours today and I’m pretty sure I walked halfway across Southampton and back, but rain is really relaxing to me and I was chatting to someone I’d never really talked to before and it was actually an okay day.

Until I got back to my flat and I realised how drenched I really was and I was soggy and sad and cold. So I ate rocky road because I am the definition of comfort eating.

And here we are at day 300! Only 65 to go, that doesn’t even seem like that many when today is my 300th consecutive blog post. It’s nearly Christmas!

Forgive me, I promise I definitely didn’t say that.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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