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Today is the official release day for 5 Seconds of Summer’s second album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ (also Marianas Trench’s album ‘Astoria’, but I’ve not listened to that yet) and anyone who’s ever read my blog or met me or knows even a teeny tiny bit about me knows I love 5 Seconds of Summer so I’m going to talk about the songs on the deluxe version. Yeah!

1. Money
This song was released from the album before today but I wanted to do a full album review so here it is. I wasn’t a bit fan of this song at first – I thought some of the lyrics sounded like 12 year old pre-pubescent boys trying to be ‘tough’ and ‘bad’ but actually I think that’s the point? It’s catchy and fun and I couldn’t stop singing it after I first heard it.

2. She’s Kinda Hot
Again, another song that’s been out for a while. This song came out while I was away in Ecuador actually and when I got back people asked if I could film my reaction to the song but after two days of travelling and a month without make-up I wasn’t ready for that. But I adore this song – it’s so much more guitar-heavy than the legacy of their self-titled debut album and I was hoping for a similar theme throughout this follow-up record.

3. Hey Everybody!
More songs that were pre-released! This song actually serves as the second single from the album – it focuses on the issues that people don’t talk about in songs. This song is mostly about money (which completely contrasts with the song called Money) and that really shows in the video. The video is a masterpiece and I thoroughly urge you to go watch it if you haven’t already – I love it.

4. Permanent Vacation
Technically as a fanbase we’d heard this song before as the band played the song on their last tour ‘Rock Out With Your Socks Out’. Personally I think the studio version is a lot bop-ier (definitely a word) than the live version but thinking back I can’t actually think of any differences. Lyrically I love this song but I’m 90% sure they just went on to find every word that rhymes with vacation and that always makes me laugh.

5. Jet Black Heart
Apparently all the songs that were already released are at the beginning – I adore this song because of the base line and Michael Clifford’s deep vocal line on top of the beautiful lyrics. It’s kind of about love I guess but I think it’s more about emotions and not being able to express them. ‘I write with a poison pen, but the chemicals moving between us are the reason to start again’ – I just love it.

6. Catch Fire
When I was live tweeting listening to the album last night I said this sounds quite a bit like a song One Direction would sing – that is by no means critical but it’s more pop based than the other songs and Luke’s voice at the beginning sounds a little like Liam Payne’s. I love the chorus, the bouncy melody line and the passion behind the song.

7. Safety Pin
Okay in all honesty I think I’ve heard about half of this album already but I’m determined to write about all of it – Safety Pin is another upbeat songs with a deeper meaning (‘broken boy meets broken girl’) but it’s overwhelmingly uplifting. ‘We’ll safety pin the pieces of our broken heart back together’ – they’re not saying they never were broken but they’re not unfixable. I love this song a lot, I’m glad I’ve been listening to it for the best part of two months.

8. Waste The Night
This is a song were Calum’s emotional voice really kicks into play – his voice hits you in the chorus with this raw passion that just makes me tear up a little bit. The repetition of the words ‘I don’t want to waste the night’ with Calum’s voice mix a little bit of desperation with pure need. Another uplifting song that will really make the fans feel like 5SOS are on their side; our side.

And then there’s the little instrumental at the end of the song to give us a little taster of what tour might be like (if I ever get my hand on any god damn tickets).

9. Vapor
I love the slightly more electronic feel to this song, it feels almost hazy which fits the title of the song to a tee – Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford show how wonderfully their voices work together in beautiful harmonies before Calum hits us with more emotion. I don’t know if you can tell how emotionally I am about this album. ‘I want to be the one you remember’ – it’s just an incredibly passionate song without being all ‘boy likes girl, girl hurts boy, boy sad’.

10. Castaway
I remember from live tweeting this song that I love it. The introduction is powerful and the bass line is hard hitting – it has a bit of a Fall Out Boy feel without the soul of Patrick Stump’s voice. The lyrics of the chorus are compelling and each boy shows off what each of their voices can bring to the album – how in theory their voices are so different and shouldn’t work but proving that they definitely do.

11. The Girl Who Cried Wolf
When this song was released months ago I immediately thought of the All Time Low song ‘Dancing With A Wolf’ which is low and powerful but this song starts acoustically and meaningfully – ‘the girl who cried wolf every day ignored by gravity’ – personally I think this song is about caring about someone so much that you can see when they’re not themselves any more, when they’re destroying themselves from the inside and the line ‘is anyone there at all?’ is their desperate way of getting the person they care about to try and come back. I have a music video planned and everything.

I think ‘Is anyone there at all?’ will become 5 Seconds of Summer’s equivalent to All Time Low’s ‘I guess I’ll go home now’ from Remembering Sunday and I sincerely hope they play the song live.

12. Broken Home
Prepare for the waterworks – this song is dark and will strike a painful chord with a lot of 5SOS fans. I count myself fortunate that I can’t empathise with this song but the lyrics still make me cry again – making the most of Calum’s emotional tones in the chorus and lines like ‘Hey mum, hey dad, when did this end? When did you lose your happiness’; it’s emotional. The strings are so emphatic of all the emotion contrasting with harsh words like ‘war’ and ‘scar’.

I think I did English Literature for too long – I analyse everything now.

13. Fly Away
Before the album came out this was my favourite song from it. Obviously there are a few more contenders now but this one still stands – I love how much more guitar heavy it is and how, at face value, it’s about travelling and literally leaving somewhere but underneath it’s running away from things you can’t really face. ‘I want to take my heart to the end of the world, fly away tonight’ – leave your heart behind because there’s something more to it. A lot of the songs on this album are about seizing the day and realising your own worth and that’s why these songs are going to strike more with fans than perhaps the first album did.

14. Invisible
Another one that will tear at the heart strings and break you a little bit – Calum is the sole vocalist on this track and you have three guesses as to what I’ll say about it… He owns this song – ‘I was already missing before the night I left’ – this song is about losing yourself and not seeing yourself in a crowd even though it’s more than likely someone else doesn’t see anyone else. ‘Who am I? Who am I? I don’t know myself’. This song means a lot particularly to me and I imagine others too. The purely orchestral ending is beautiful and as someone who also adores some classical music, I truly think it’s my favourite ending on the track.

15. Airplanes
A lot of people really, really love this song from what I’ve seen online but it hasn’t grabbed me yet – it sounds like a song that plays during the credits of a Disney movie and I have no objection to those songs, I- no wait I just figured it out! It sounds like one of those musical songs where four different characters have reached the point where they’ve figured out what unites them or something like that and that image just doesn’t add up with 5SOS to me. I think I’m going to grow to love this song but right now the genre and the image of the band I have don’t quite add up yet.

16. San Francisco
I love this song – I can’t even pin point what it is but I know that I love a song when I can picture a music video as soon as I hear it and I’m picturing something with the same tonal quality as the Amnesia video but more romantic – more specifically relationships, just happy couples. Probably not the band themselves because if there’s a picture of the guys with a girl everyone loses their minds. ‘We don’t gotta say anything’ is a really important line I think – sometimes silence can be as valuable as a thousand words and that balance is crucial to the kind of relationship the song describes. And again with the lovely little minute long instrumental outro – I love the little touches they’ve added to this album.

17. Outer Space / Carry On
We know this song is going to be a big one from the start – it’s 6 minutes long, first, it’s technically two songs second and it’s the concluding track – it’s going to be good. I feel like I don’t want to write about this song because I’m distracting myself from listening to it. Outer Space is a very romantic song – ‘the darkest night never felt so bright with you by my side’ – it’s a big conclusion to a big album and Carry On is the most important ‘p.s.’ there ever was. The sound of rain is the only thing that connects these two tracks (other than the fact they are actually one long track) and it just sets the mood for the last song – things can be bad, the weather can be bad and you can feel like you’re being rained on but it goes away, metaphorically the sun will come out and things will get brighter.

I encourage you to listen to Carry On because I want to write every lyrics here. It’s a bloody beautiful song and I’m getting emotional just writing about it now.

When I was finishing my live tweeting at gone 1am this morning, this tweet really struck a resonance with people. It’s since been retweeted almost forty times which never happens on my twitter.

I took this screenshot and put it on tumblr and in the seventeen (ish) hours it’s been online it’s got almost 2000 notes.

Here’s the New Broken Scene, and to how many fans it’s going to save.

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