Page 293 of 365: Baking at Uni!



Today I spent probably more money than I should have on baking ingredients. To give you some context of how much I bought – I had to ring my flat mate and ask him to help me carry everything back and even with what I was carrying, my hand was still shaking for approximately an hour afterwards. I bought too much.

I also had to buy things for my dance society initiation tomorrow but that’s a whole bunch of anxiety that I don’t want to talk about.

Ever since I moved into uni I’ve been really into cooking – I don’t cook something good every day as I don’t have time or I’m tired or I’m just too lazy (I’m a student – I have to have Pot Noodles and Super Noodles in my cupboard!) but recently I’ve really craved to bake and decorate so I bought everything I could possibly need for basic cakes, cupcakes, cookies and/or rocky road.

By ‘and/or’ I mean ‘and’. I’m not letting these ingredients go to waste!

I’m potentially going to be late-night rocky road baking with one of my flat mates tonight because we’re both ‘reckless’ and ‘spontaneous’ in a kind of stay at home, reserved, awkward kind of way. Even though I’m actually going out tonight.

I’m so busy and overwhelmed.

And I think the baking will help – not only do I get the relaxation of baking and creating something but I also get to binge eat what I make in a controlled but unhealthy fashion. I even decided not to join a gym today – I’m so healthy.

If you’ve got any baking suggestions please leave them in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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