Page 292 of 365: I’m so bad with money



I realised today (not that I didn’t already know, it just really hit me today) that I’m absolutely awful with money. 

I like money, I like having money and I like spending money – I’m very good at spending money. 

Since I’ve moved to uni I’ve spent so much money and keep finding more things that I need or need to spend money. I definitely need another SD card, a new laptop will last me my whole degree and I need Adobe’s Creative Cloud! It’s the programs the everyone in the industry uses!

I somehow manage to justify all of these purchases so I’ve had to start keeping a diary of what I’m spending. I spent £26 in Asda today. Living the student life!

Any money tips for me? Please leave them in the comments! I need them.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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