Page 291 of 365: ‘You look like a mermaid!’



And I finally present you with a picture of what my hair looks like – the dye ended up being much darker than I expected (even though it’s exactly the same dye as I used when I dyed my hair in the picture I used yesterday? Very confusing). The header photo today isn’t quite what it looks like because I used a snapchat filter (because it makes my eyes look pretty) but you get the gist.
I feel if I wore a white t-shirt you’d be able to see it more clearly… might do that tomorrow.
Today’s been super busy – my nan came round this morning to see me and see my sister again over her birthday weekend and I told her all about the course and uni and she told me she likes my blog posts but I need to proofread them.
Sorry Nan!
After she left I tried dying my hair again to get rid of some of the brown patches in the blue bit but it turns out if I want a solid, bright blue I need to bleach my hair first. I might redo it in a couple of weeks – I’m not too bothered about killing it because I’m getting it cut short at Christmas so I’ll go all out until then!
But that’s for another spontaneous hair dying session.
My dad had made a special Sunday Roast with lamb, Yorkshire puddings and stuffing – elements that belong to three different roasts – but it was perfect. I’ve not eaten without cooking it for myself at all (except that one time my flat mate made me a fry up because he is an actual legend, but I won’t tell him that because he definitely doesn’t need any more ego… your words Lucas!) so it was nice to be cooked for and looked after and watch my dad do the washing up!
I then had a really nice chat with my dad – he asked me if I was okay for money and we chatted about potentially buying me a MacBook. Conclusion: he’s going to come down and visit me in a couple of weeks and we’re going to go and buy it together! I can honestly say I’m as excited about spending time with my dad as I am about getting a MacBook. Well, 40:60.
My mum helped me pack up all my stuff after that (how I ended up taking back more than I brought I’m not entirely sure… it was a squeeze) and we lugged my suitcase downstairs, realising if we didn’t leave soon I’d have to wait another hour for a train and we didn’t have any more plans for the day. I’d had somewhat of a meltdown last night/this morning because of how fast this weekend had gone and how I didn’t spent as much time with my family as I’d have liked to but today really helped with that. However mum knew that hanging around to leave would make it worse.
So I left at 3pm, caught a train at 3.42pm, sat trying to drown at the sobbing child having a tantrum whilst listening to Against The Current and trying not to cry myself for an hour, navigated (without issue, might I add) the London underground to get from Kings Cross to Waterloo, find my way round Waterloo and realise there isn’t a train to Southampton for another half an hour, go to the platform to find the train is already there and go sit on it, worry I’m on the wrong train, become somewhat more relieved when the train leaves at the expected time of 5.35pm, arrive in Southampton Central Station after minor delays around 7.10pm, back to my halls around 7.30pm, chips in the oven by 7.33pm.
And just in case any of my university tutors are reading this – it’s a deliberately long sentence for dramatic effect. I was travelling for four and a half hours, it’s 11.47pm – I’m very tired.
I didn’t get too emotional about coming back though – I kept it together, I chatted with a bunch of flat mates who all commented how healthy my voice sounds (I sound like a frog). I’ve now unpacked and changed my sheets and everything feels a little bit more normal, because I know if I did drop out of uni right now and go live at home again, I’d be unmotivated and bored as someone who’s really, really bored.
So it’s been a really long day. However one of the things I was thinking about on the train is that today is day 291 – I’ve almost posted a blog post every day for 300 consecutive days and I think that’s something to commemorate but I don’t know how!
If you have any suggestions for how I should celebrate or if there’s something silly you think I should do, leave it down in the comments! I’d love to do something special.
Also if there’s any typos Nan, leave them in the comments. Because it’s now ten to midnight and I’m really tired so I’m going to go to sleep.
Goodnight Nan, goodnight everyone, thank you for reading,
Sophie xx

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