Page 290 of 365: Full day at home (dyed my hair at last)



This is an old photo, this isn’t what my hair looks like right this second because the blue dye is a bit patchy and dark but I’m going to top it up tomorrow.

Today is my only full day at home and it’s been busy, busy, busy! This morning I was in Costa about half past 8 to meet up with one of my school friends before she started work – we were talking for two and a half hours, had a proper catch up about uni life, her life, gossip from people from school; it was really lovely to see her and catch up properly.

But when she left for work, I did not leave Costas – I then waited for my Ecuador friends to arrive and sat with them for about three hours, chatting and catching up and it was so nice to see them. It’s different with them I guess because I lived with them for a month and I’m still missing Ecuador so it was so nice to see them and talk about them potentially coming to visit me in Southampton! It’s all very exciting and I’m very excited.

When I got back, a family friend was coming to visit to say happy birthday to my sister and we were sat in the kitchen chatting for ages – at this point it really struck me that being home and with my family again felt so normal and going away is going to be tough.

But I was chatting to one of my friends in Southampton and she said that I have a family in Southampton too and that made me smile a lot, because I know that if I do struggle in readjusting to Southampton again that I’ll be okay.

After our friend left, my sister then dyed the ends of my hair blue. I’ve not taken any decent pictures of it yet but I used the current header photo because when I dyed my hair last year it was pretty much the same except I’m blonder now and I think I’m going to cut it all off at Christmas anyway.

Then I had Chinese for dinner and I’m watching Doctor Who! What a wonderful day, eh? Less than 48 hours at home but today’s been brilliant – busy but brilliant.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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