Page 288 of 365: Bad At Packing



I’m going home tomorrow and I’m very excited, but my plan is to go straight from uni to the train station so I can get home as early as I can. This involves taking my suitcase to my photography class tomorrow which doesn’t bother me at all, but it means I have to pack tonight.

I didn’t think I was taking much with me – I thought my washing might take up a bit of room but I might not even take a suitcase!

How wrong I was.

I brought a toaster to uni with me to find there was one provided so I’m taking it home so my mum can find somewhere to put it – either toasters are bigger than I anticipated or my suitcase is smaller than I anticipated because it took up literally half the suitcase.

I’ve managed to get it all in, I’m just slightly concerned that I have to bring all this washing back plus things that I didn’t realise I wanted from home that I’m going to take back with me too. There are DVDs and books and extension cables that I’m going to be bringing back with me and I’m not entirely sure where they’re going to go.

At least I won’t have to bring back the toaster. Or my sister’s birthday presents. I’ve gone all out for this birthday – I’m potentially the best sister in the entire world.

I’ll probably be blogging from the train tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited to see everyone at home!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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