Page 287 of 365: 5SOS Presale Failure (seetickets are awful)



Today was the presale day for 5 Seconds of Summer’s next UK and Ireland headline tour Sounds Live Feels Live. I preordered their album from their website (I’ll be sure to review it the day it comes out, don’t you worry!) and I got my presale code yesterday.

I was ready – I was on my phone at uni, I refreshed at 9, I put my code in and I got in the queue.

So when the screen came up asking for my card details, I assumed I got tickets and was unfathomably excited.

In under a minute I put in my name, my new uni address, all my card details, to be greeted with this screen.

I got this screenshot at 9.02am – tickets went on sale at 9, I got in the queue, put my details in and then got this.

I’m not bothered about not getting a ticket, in fact I expected it. What bothers me (a lot actually, I got an address so I can write to seetickets and complain) is that when I got the screen asking for my details I assumed a ticket had been reserved for me. All I wanted was one standing ticket and by giving them my details I assumed I’d get one.

Not only does this go against every ticket buying process I’ve ever been through (which is a lot, concerts are my home), it means they have my details. Seetickets quite easily could have access to my account and according to my tumblr (having a browse 5sos-au-imagines for all the asks I got) lots of people were put through the same issue and that’s when I think yes, there is definitely a fault of seetickets here.

I definitely won’t be using seetickets for the general sale on Friday in my attempt to get literally one ticket to go see my second favourite band – the band that changed my life – in concert. I was tempted to get myself a sound check package but god damn those things are expensive.

Bearing in mind when I bought tickets for All Time Low’s tour next year, I was only asked for my details after I’d definitely got a ticket and for early entry/meet and greet it’s the first 50 that buy tickets for each date, rather than paying an extortionate amount of money.

I don’t blame 5 Seconds of Summer (except for the price of their merch, it’s exploitive but I’m here for the music so… staying quiet ish) – it’s purely the fault of seetickets. They’ll definitely be getting a letter from me telling them how awful their system is.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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