Page 285 of 365: Dance Try Outs



Tonight I have my try out for the dance team at my university and I think it’s probably weird to say I’m more excited than nervous?

It won’t be anything as difficult as the pointe work in the header picture (I just liked the picture, I think the glitter was a deciding factor) but I actually really like the routines and I really want to get on the team so I can dance more? I’m so excited at the thought of being on a competition team, I’ve not danced competitively before and I’m really excited!

I’m planning to wear the sports bra that was somewhat uniform at my old dance school back home so I can represent Welland in my try out! I’m also wearing my Evan Edinger ‘This is my tank top’ tank top.

Oh the happy summer in the city memories!

I’m definitely excited for these try outs and it’s more than likely my blog post tomorrow will be about how they went (if I find out tonight). It’s all exciting – I’m really enjoying the ‘making new friends’ aspect of university and all the girls on the team said that they made their best friends on the dance squad – I’m so excited!

I miss dancing a lot, I’m still trying to find a dance school in Southampton near enough to me and cheap enough that I could maybe do some tap again and I’m pumped to go home and pick up my new Welland hoodie to bring back with me!

Everything is exciting and today is a good day, I’m making the most of it.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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