Page 283 of 365: Organised Day!



After how tired I was last night, I was wrapped up in bed very early and slept for a solid twelve hours – woke up feeling refreshed but with stomach ache so that’s been sitting with me all day and I’m still tired. According to Google I’ve got heart disease, diabetes and a urinary tract infection. So stress and people playing music at 4am clearly has nothing to do with it!

(I shouldn’t joke about health – I’m fine really)

But after a bit of buttered toast this morning (and having written that, I’m going to have to make myself more now) I then sorted out all my lecture notes from last week, using all my pretty coloured pens to write about finding news and pronouns! Truly thrilling.

After sorting my notes, I organised my diary, figured out my life from now till Christmas, read over my assignment briefs and even started on some homework! Didn’t get much farther as I met a friend on his way back from the train station and then got a message from someone one tumblr saying they saw me out in Southampton! This is the closest I’ll get to being famous.

So all in all, a productive day despite feeling kind of ill – I made pasta for dinner and I’ve been watching ‘Once Upon a Time’ on Netflix ever since – I’m six episodes into Season 1, I have so much to catch up on!

I’m glad for the weekend and having a couple of days to myself to sort my life out – it’s been an emotional and stressful week and I need a breather. 

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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