Page 276 of 365: Pizza Party

Today, I placed an extortionately expensive Domino’s pizza order that was infinitely cheaper than it should have been. Yay for student deals!
On a more serious note, me and a bunch of people from my kitchen ordered pizza – six pizzas, three garlic breads, three portions of potato wedges and three bottles of drink (for £65 might I add!) and we all sat in the common room and ate together, chatting and other people dropped in to sit with us and it was actually really nice.
We sat around for a while after we’d finished eating and I planned a cute little shopping/Netflix/gossip session with a friend from my kitchen (she’s my fave) and we found another Doctor Who nerd and we all had a massive geek out about our favourite lines and the scene at the end of Series 5 Episode 1 and how great the music was.
We really nerded out.
At this present moment I’m ‘making’ apple pie with another one of my flat mates who made me a fry up for breakfast this morning. And he agreed to come with me to pick up the TV I ordered from Argos tomorrow so I need to be nice to him. (I like him really, I’ve spent pretty much every day with him since I moved in so it would be really awkward if I didn’t like him! I know he reads my blog sometimes so… Hey Lucas, don’t hate me!).
I’m feeling really lucky for my flat mates right now – if I’m honest, I’m not feeling great right now and that’s probably tainting how I think but moving so far away and having to get used to new surroundings so fast is a lot of change and I’m not good with change, and the distraction making friends with them has given me has kept me sane these past few weeks.
Thank you for reading,
Sophie xx
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