Page 274 of 365: My first taste of radio!



Today was my first day at uni since Monday and my first day doing audio – this morning we edited the vox pops we got last week (when you go out on the street and interview people) and that was great, because I love editing literally anything and I was really pleased with how I edited my files together.

But this afternoon was the really fun thing – me and my friends were put in a radio studio and told to ‘try and keep a conversation going for two or three minutes – it’ll take longer than you think’.

Our first recording was seven minutes long and the second was nine. Our lecturers listened to it back and said that we should get a show on the university radio because we worked so well together and we had good radio voices. So now I might start doing a radio show at university, how cool is that! 
That was the lamest thing I’ve ever said but I’m really excited okay, radio was so much fun today. I just loved being able to discuss topics like YouTube, university accommodation and celebrity culture – we had a good little show going and I thought maybe we could get topics and/or questions in from the university students and song requests! It could be brilliant, it would be so exciting.
Can you tell I’m excited? I’ve used the word far too many times already. I’m so excited!!
I even used two exclamation marks, what has this world come to?
In conclusion I love radio and working and talking on radio. Today was brilliant, I can’t wait to see what we do next week.
Thank you for reading,
Sophie xx

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