Page 273 of 365: New Dance Squad!



Today I’m super, super happy because one – my shower got fixed! The shower in my ensuite has been broken for about a week and in that time I forced myself to have one freezing cold hell shower but I’ve been without a shower for an embarrassing number of days and I had the nicest shower today, I feel clean, my hair is all light and fluffy and frizzy again and I feel human.

And (more importantly) two – I went to a dance taster session for the dance society at university! I can’t even find the words for how good it felt to dance again – it’s been about three months since I last went to a dance class and god my body is sore but I felt so empowered and so, so happy to finally be moving and exercising in that way again. It’s a good ache, though I’m not sure how much I’m going to agree with that tomorrow.

I even had a packet of frozen peas on my knees earlier, it then migrated to my thighs and my hip and my back and neck hurt too – I’ve used so many muscles today that I haven’t used in so long but I just loved it so much.

There’s another taster session on Friday, it’s the same classes but it’ll be good to really reiterate the routines in my mind before try outs next week and it’ll get my fitness up again because my body really should not ache this much at all.

Getting up for an audio workshop at 9 tomorrow is going to be interesting, to say the least!

I’m so excited to (hopefully) be a part of this squad – everyone’s so friendly and fun and so passionate about dancing! Hoping I get in to the dance squad, that is.

Thank you for reading! (I’ll keep you updated on the dance squad!)

Sophie xx

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