Page 272 of 365: Writing Letters



Today, I was writing a letter to my godmother and however old fashioned that sounds, I really enjoyed writing out proper words and I felt like I was catching up with her even though I’ve not actually sent her the letter yet.

I also love writing by hand – one of my best friends Katy bought me a notebook and a pen for my birthday because I really do like writing by hand. It’s just struck me that I might rewrite the entirety of my book by hand and then I can edit it again when I’m typing it up.

I really like the sound of that.

But letters! I really want to start writing to letters to people – I have so many pretty pens and I’ve worked really hard to have really nice handwriting after some kid in my Year 6 class told me my handwriting was ‘less messy than it used to be’ and I was determined to prove a point to her.

I hope that my godmother does respond by letter so I have an excuse to write another letter to her. Or maybe I’ll send letters to my friend in Australia or my mum’s friends in New Zealand.

Or maybe not because they might think I’m really weird but whatever. I’m definitely going to start writing by hand more.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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