Page 271 of 365: First (proper) Day of Uni!



Today was my first proper day of University after Welcome Week – I had two lectures, a shorthand class and a seminar (and in the half an hour I went back to my flat for lunch, there was a fire alarm… thrilling).

I was nervous going into it, obviously – this is the beginning of the next three years of my life, today was the taste of what the next three years will be like and I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t surprised, because since leaving school I’ve actually kind of missed it and university has given me that little taste of school without the patronising staff and year 7’s that don’t know where’s an appropriate place to stop and look for their friend.

Though I was stuck behind two girls in a doorway today who thought that was an appropriate place to stop, so I guess some things never change.

Today started with two lectures back to back – one about ‘what makes news’ which was actually pretty interesting and the other about grammar and the importance of it in news writing. It was like being back in an AS English Language class – I’ve heard enough about subject, object, independent and dependent clauses for the rest of my life.

Well, until next week that is.

I then had a shorthand class – shorthand is like another language, symbols that represent letters that make note taking much quicker. In theory. Today we learnt the alphabet and some compound sounds and I need to write it all up properly, but that’s not for tonight. I’m not in again till Thursday which is wonderful.

In the afternoon I had a seminar related to the first lecture I had this morning – we had a news quiz (which went better than anticipated) and then we went through the local paper and decided what was news and what wasn’t and made headlines out of nursery rhymes. My personal favourite was, in description of Baa Baa Black Sheep, ‘Talking sheep provides wool for residence’. 

The ‘talking sheep’ bit was my idea.

And before my first day drew to a close, I was given my first assignment! Worth 20% of my grade this year (I think) I have to write four news stories over the next two months. We get help from our tutors in class and I’m lucky that Kevin and Graham are really friendly and approachable that I’ve already talked through one of my ideas with them and a group I was in last week talked to a woman who wanted to give us her story, so that’s two stories already!

I’m excited to get going and learn more. I’m also really excited to have two days worth of lie ins and go back to uni on Thursday.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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