Page 269 of 365: ‘When I was in Ecuador’



Guess who’s not talked about Ecuador since they got back (except on YouTube, I have a series called ‘Ecuador Stories‘, there’s a playlist and everything) and is going to talk about it now?!

Well, not quite – I’m going to talk about how much I’ve annoyed one of my flat mates by any sentence that starts with ‘when I was in Ecuador’. It’s got to the point where I say ‘when I was in the country I don’t talk about’ just so it sounds slightly less pretentious.

Saying I went to Ecuador makes me sound like this rich, cultured person who went on a summer holiday but I saved for 18 months to go on this trip that was mostly project work with the locals and waking up before 6am a painful number of times. I’m not rich or cultured. Well, maybe a little cultured.

Either way, I’m pretty sure everyone in my flat and on my course knows that I went to Ecuador and is probably quite bored of me talking about me.

So let’s go through some of the photos because I never did make a photography post and I can talk about memories and stuff without it being too obvious that I still really miss Ecuador even though it’s nearing two months since I got back.

It’s just a pier in the Galapagos. But because it’s the Galapagos it’s just infinitely more beautiful – it was hot, there were sea lions everywhere and it was our ‘adventure’ portion of the expedition. Such fond, happy memories.

Just look at it. It’s so pretty. Also I went pier diving off that pier, if you can see the stairs, they’re the stairs I cut my foot open on when rolling out of the sea like a beached whale.

This iguana just looked so happy, I love his little grin. I’m aware he’s not actually smiling but I’m going to pretend he posed for my picture.

Someone told me I look like my favourite English teacher and I love my favourite English teacher, she’s a beautiful, wonderful lady and now I think of her whenever I see this photo. Also, beach hair was actually okay.

Lens flare, sea, Galapagos – pretty picture, happy Sophie!

I just like the colours in this selfie because I’m vain as shit.

I really loved the beaches in Galapagos. Can you guess what my favourite part of the trip was? (It was Galapagos).

Look at the sea! It’s so beautiful! Galapagos! I want to go back, so much.

One of my closest friends from the trip wanted me to take this photo for him with the beautiful mountain but I just love the way his poncho and his hoodie match the surroundings. I wish I’d deliberately taken this, I wish it was my idea but I’m going to take credit for it anyway.

I can’t remember the name of this mountain, but it looked bloody beautiful in the sunset. I will never, ever be over how it looked in person.

I left my mark on a school in the Andes.

Now I’m going to go look through the whole photo album and be sad that I don’t live with those people any more. One of the best trips of my life and I don’t think I’ll ever stop talking about it.

(unless I go to Australia next summer, I’ll probably talk about that a lot)

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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