Page 267 of 365: ‘Damn it I forgot to blog’



I was about to start getting ready for bed after chatting with a few friends and making plans for tomorrow but then I remembered that I haven’t blogged yet today and I really needed to do that.

The way I remembered was more expletive, shall I say, but I remembered with half an hour to spare so I feel like that worked in my favour.

And I’m definitely typing like that gif – the facial expression is exact. I am the guy from Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and I definitely watched the film closely enough to remember the main characters name. I actually liked that film to be honest – the food puns were brilliant.

I had a really good chat with my friend actually – we got a little bit deep and then people came in to the common room where we were sitting and chatted with us and it was really nice. I’ve planned to actually go out tomorrow night but more excitingly (for me anyway) a few of my friends and I are going to investigate tattoos tomorrow. They’d mentioned wanting them and I was like well why don’t we just do it? I know exactly what I want and we got vouchers for the parlour at freshers fair today so why not, right?!

I might even go out on a whim and get a tattoo tomorrow, who knows?!

I’m feeling very spontaneous right now. But more like a planned spontaneity – right now I feel quite ill and I was going to get an early night but now it’s almost midnight. What I’ve learnt by moving out of my town is that my town is a sheltered little bubble where parties end at midnight and there are three subways within five minutes of each other.

My home town is not like that at all. I think I like the difference – I like seeing more of the world and what it’s really like.

But I also like my sheltered bubble too.

Now that turned into a much more structured blog post than I was anticipating! All in ten minutes as well, I feel like my blogging speed will be both useful and impressive when I do more blogging at university. It all starts properly next week, I’m so excited.

Thank you for reading this very rushed post,

Sophie xx

That’s where you’ll find me:
Snapchat: @SophieALuckett

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