Page 266 of 365: Feedback



Today was my third day of uni and it was the first day we really did something that would give us a taste of the course – this morning we learnt how to use a handheld zoom mic and we then had to go out and talk to people in Southampton about an issue. Next week we’re going to edit it into something using the questions we were asking.

I wasn’t a big fan of getting the vox pops – it involves talking to strangers and being a little bit invasive and I don’t mind if it’s something I really care about with someone who also really cares about it but it wasn’t today. I did it though! I talked to a couple of people about an incident that happened in Southampton and we met a lovely woman called Pauline and it was pretty fun, I guess.

But after that we did the activity that I adored and could basically spend the rest of my life doing – we were given a list of four questions and told to choose one and make a blog post. It was so much fun, I was completely in my element.

What was my favourite part of the day though was when we all shared the blog posts on our Facebook group and we were basically told to read other peoples comments, leave three engaging comments and find some typos. I got to read and reply to comments and that was the best bit! I got six comments on my post and I could find out what people thought about my writing and content.

Feedback is so encouraging, I’m looking forward to writing and sharing more with my class and having that kind of interaction. I’m so excited!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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