Page 265 of 365: A new blog



Today at uni, we were told that if we didn’t have a blog already we should set one up because we’re doing something to do with blogging tomorrow.

Obviously that wasn’t an issue for me, but they then mentioned that we’d be assigned stuff to post on our blogs and it wouldn’t be just a one off thing so, after asking the advice of my lecturers, they told me I should start a new blog so I could keep the content separate.

They didn’t seem at all impressed that I’ve blogged every day this year, but I’m not saying anything… If I was a less ‘professional’ blogger I’d put a winking emoji there but I have some standards for this blog. Some.

So I started a new blog called Sophie Ann Blogs earlier today – I had a long in depth discussion with my creative companion (my mum) about what I should call my blog when I realised that ‘Sophie’s Uni Blog’ and variations thereof where taken.

I then changed the layout of the blog a little bit to personalise it and it looked painfully bare, so I wrote a post to ‘introduce myself’ to the audience I’m not really fussed about gaining (is that a bad attitude to have?) and so it would look less awful when I work on it tomorrow.

But I actually enjoyed writing it more than I anticipated – the style is mostly similar to here but because it’s for university I tried to make it a little more formal. I wrote about my style of writing, the project for this blog and the book I wrote in 2012 and it was actually nice to realise that I wrote my book three years ago, I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I only have a hundred posts left of this project!

This project is brainwashing me – I just said ‘only a hundred posts left’.

Only a hundred.

Also I’ve decided (in hindsight) to call this project ‘Pages 2015’. It’s not really a title ‘for’ anything but if I put it in a portfolio or talk about it in an interview I figured I’d need a more succinct name. 

Clearly you can tell I put hours of thought into that title.

The first post on my new blog is called ‘New blog!‘ (so much originality today) if you’re interested in reading it.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

That’s where you’ll find me:
Snapchat: @SophieALuckett

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