Page 264 of 365: First day at uni!



Today was my first day of uni. I don’t have a cat. Or an apple mac. But this is what Google came up with when I tried to find a student related photo. Ta da.

Either way! I had to get out of bed at half past seven this morning for a fire drill (no one was happy, especially not the people that only got in at 3am anyway) but I had to be at uni for 9 anyways, so I wasn’t too bothered about the wake up call. 

So I got dressed, got all the paper work I needed and a notebook (just in case, turned out I needed it so it was a good call) and with a banana and a croissant for breakfast I was gone! That was way too enthusiastic, I was really nervous – I was not that enthusiastic this morning.

I met up with a few people on my course and we went over to our room to start the day – we started out in what will become the News Room (when we start using it for that purpose) and we had to pair up and get to know people and I met a guy called James who was brilliant (he said he read a few of my blog posts that night… hi James) and he came to Asda with me at the end of the day, it was lovely.

Thinking back, most of the day was just getting to know more people and learning more about them. We had to share interesting facts about the people we’d been chatting with and we then had a quiz, related each interesting fact back to the person so we could learn names and what not. I was the first question on the quiz and I won – I got a Twix bar. It’s staring at me on my desk right now but I have brownie that’s going to go off soon so I’m eating that first.

Between the morning and afternoon session, a bunch of the people from my course went to KFC together and there was six of us in the end – everyone is so nice and friendly and approachable which is something I was so, so nervous about.

Looking back at how nervous I was for moving in and starting this course, I’m not thinking ‘that was stupid, I shouldn’t have worried’ because I am a socially anxious person and I’m actually really tired because I’ve been socialising so much – the whole thing has been a big surprise to me but a good one. I’m glad it’s so much easier than I thought it would be.

My first day was brilliant, tomorrow I get my Student Card and we might start doing journalism things, I don’t actually know yet. I’ll take it as it comes, but I’m excited either way.

I imagine the next few months are going to be a recall of my day rather than articles, but I definitely want to keep this blog varied – I’ll keep posting creative writing and reviews, I want to start writing book reviews too but like my attitude to university; we’ll just see what happens!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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