Page 261 of 365: Moving Tomorrow!



I move to university tomorrow and that’s absolutely terrifying. If only I had as little luggage as in the header photo!

It’s becoming scarily real now – my room has been stripped down to very little, my wardrobe is half empty and the pile of things we have to load into the car tomorrow is probably as big as the car.

I even took down my wall of stuff.

My wall is so bare! But I did save the contents of the wall – a few of the posters might go back up in my uni room and the rest is going to be presented beautifully in a scrap book that I’m very excited to craft.

(I’m planning to put up my signed ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ poster, my Jim Chapman ‘Dream Big’ poster, my 5 Seconds of Summer poster, my McBusted poster and my All Time Low poster – just so everyone knows where my priorities lie!)

It’s all less scary than I initially thought – the people in my kitchen have been chatting a lot because a couple of them have moved in and the rest of us are moving in tomorrow so we’re talking about how much space we’ve got. One of the guys was talking about cooking and eating dinner together which is actually a really cute idea.

To be honest, the fact they’re not talking about going out drinking and getting really drunk together as a kitchen is really reassuring me – I like drinking, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t like lots of drunk people in a confined space.

But getting drunk in my kitchen with people I’m familiar with sounds like a party – it’s not too far to stumble into bed!

I’m almost excited to unpack and make the room my own! Almost, I’m still somewhat terrified.

I’ll let you know tomorrow how it all goes! The important question is whether I go out or whether I stay in and watch Doctor Who.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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