Page 260 of 365: The Beginning of Goodbyes



Today I bring you a sad post as today is the last day I see any of my friends before leaving for university. I’m seeing my friends from Ecuador after school (because they still have school… lol) and then I’m meeting up with some school friends before going to a house party as a ‘last goodbye’ before Uni.

Tomorrow I’m spending all day packing and last minute sorting things out before moving on Saturday to my halls but today is the last time I’m seeing any of my friends from home.

If I’m perfectly honest, I’m still not over Ecuador – I still miss the people I lived with out there and I’ve been home for a month but it’s so strange not seeing the five people I became such good friends with every single day. I’ve seen them quite a bit in the last week – with my birthday and multiple Costa trips – but it’s not going to be the same just talking to them via Facebook. 

Regarding my school friends – two of them are staying around home so whenever I’m visiting my family or whatnot hopefully I’ll get to see them fairly regularly – but the third friend I have from school is moving to Australia! She’s going to work with horses in Melbourne and she’s planning to come back for Christmas but I’ve been to school with her for 12 years! Now I’m not going to see her for four months, potentially longer if she stays out!

But she says I can go visit her next Summer when I finish my first year of Uni, which is always fun. A couple of months in Australia with one of my best friends sounds like a glorious plan.

Everyone keeps telling me I should be really excited about university and as moving day gets closer and closer I get more and more nervous about it, but I really am going to miss all of the friends I have at home because since I got back from Ecuador they’ve just been the best people I ever could have asked me – they made me feel really valued when I came back and they gave me the best birthday of my life so far.

That sounds so much more dramatic than it actually is – I’m only 19. Yes, ‘only’, despite how many people have told me I’m old.

I’m not quite ready for goodbye yet. It’s not forever, I’m not dying, but it feels like an ending. (I won’t let it be – I think these people will be in my life for a long time).

I’m so embarrassingly sentimental, wow.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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