Page 259 of 365: Happy Birthday Mum!



Today is my beautiful mum’s birthday – as many of my friends would call her, Fifi has made it another year! The Legend of Fifi lives on!

I don’t even know if I could explain ‘The Legend of Fifi’ – it’s a joke that has gone far too far.

Either way, my mum is the best woman in the entire world* and I would never turn down the opportunity to talk all about her.

*may be subject to bias. Maybe.

I’m lucky that my mum has been and always will be my best friend in the entire world – having fought through two years of sixth form and somehow come out the other side, the pair of us can agree I really did struggle through those two years. I struggled with friendships too – there are very few friends that I had at the beginning of my sixth form career that stuck around. But my mum and I have only got closer.

My mum and I can talk about literally anything, we have a shared love for music and we always buy each other new CDs of bands that neither of us have heard so we can listen to them together (we have Imagine Dragons, WALK THE MOON and Quadrophenia for our drive to Southampton on Saturday!). My mum is a very, very beautiful woman who never believes me when I tell her she doesn’t look her age*.

*not biased at all.

Aren’t I beautiful – I bet I make my mummy proud! (I thought if I was going to pick a bad picture, I better pick a picture where I look worse)

And now a nice Christmas selfie! Back when I had red hair but we still look cute. Also I lost that bandana in Ecuador and it makes me really sad.

Happy birthday mum, I love you lots.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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