Page 258 of 365: Distracted



Thinking of something to blog about today is proving more of a challenge than every other day – I’ve got something in particular on my mind and going on in my life that I’m not comfortable talking about online so where I’d usually blog about the kind of thing that’s bothering me, I don’t want to talk about this publically.

I’ve talked about most things online, so I feel like even as a very small blogger, I’m entitled to keep some things more private.

Being somewhat distracted from the mild terror of university isn’t always a bad thing but the thing I’m thinking about has been on my mind far more than I want myself to allow it to be and it’s not always a happy ‘on my mind’, sometimes it brings me down a little bit.

Why I thought writing a whole blog post about thing I don’t want to make a blog post about was a good idea but it’s gone 11pm and I’m not particularly in the mood for blogging today – I’m very tired.

Tomorrow I’ll be happier I swear, sorry for the short post.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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