Page 256 of 365: Roller skating!



Guess who didn’t wake up with a hangover? Me! Touch wood, I don’t get hangovers – I’ve inherited my mum’s ability to get drunk without getting hangovers. Always a plus.

So today, I went roller skating with one of my friends from Ecuador. I’ve never been roller skating before but I used to be quite good at ice skating when I was 9 or 10, so it was just a case of getting used to not being quite in control of what my feet are doing.

There was a lot of wobbling and grabbing my friends’ hands for the first couple of laps but I got the hang of it pretty quick – it’s just like ice skating but with wheels. The biggest problem was trying to avoid the small children that had questionable ability with wheels on their feet. Learning something new is always more interesting when you have little moving obstacles that cry when they fall down.

It was a really nice afternoon though – I got to chat with my friend for ages, roller skating is actually really fun and it wasn’t expensive at all. It was less than £5 to skate and hire skates which is quite the miracle when it costs almost £20 to go to the cinema and going for a coffee is usually over a fiver as well!

Can you tell that I’m a cheap uni student now? I just hope that going to the cinema is cheaper in Southampton!

All in all, roller skating is fun and I hope my friend doesn’t mind me inviting myself again when I’m back from uni – I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about when I’m coming home from uni, I just hope I really settle in and make friends there too. Can you tell I’m nervous? Maybe I’ll write a blog post about just how nervous I really am – if you want it, that is.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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