Page 255 of 365: Birthday Party



It’s very late as I write this but I forgot to write it earlier, but tonight was the night I had my birthday party and I’m so happy, we had such a lovely night so I’m going to tell you all about it!

It started off pretty early I guess, I opened my first cider at twenty to three and by five I was a little bit drunk but it wore off and it just ended up being really happy and silly – I didn’t need to be drunk! My school friends Katy and Hollie and my Ecuador friends Richard, Phoebe and Lloyd (and Phoebe’s boyfriend Tom!) came over and we just sat in the playroom (as we’ve called it since we were kids) and ate and drank very casually without the intent to get drunk and we chatted and sang and laughed and talked about school and Ecuador and university and it was so nice and I’m so happy.

The morning started really nicely because I was taking photos at my dance school again for the website and then my dad took me to a music shop and bought me a ukulele as part of my birthday present which was really fun because it’s so much nicer than the charity shop rubbish that I had before – it sounds lovely and it’s really beautiful. So the day started wonderfully!

Then we came home with McDonald’s for lunch and started setting up the house for a part-ay and then my family came around and it was just really nice to see everyone – everyone was chatting and nothing was awkward and I saw people I haven’t seen for ages and it was so, so lovely. Can I say how happy I am, again? I’m so happy!

And that happiness means that this post comes five minutes before midnight!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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