Page 253 of 365: Photography Pride



As I mentioned a couple of days ago (‘I got more photography work‘), I’ve been working with my dance school to take photos for their new website – I spent 4 hours at the studio on Tuesday night watching four different classes and getting photos and videos for the website.

During the last of these classes, my beautiful friend Sinead posed for the picture above (I say posed – she just stood like that and I took a photo) and I fell in love with it.

I don’t know if it’s because of how sharply in focus she is (which is somewhat of a miracle with my atrocious eye sight) or what but I just really fell in love with this photograph.

I just feel like it’s quite emotional? My A Level in English Literature may be showing too much here but it just seems like quite a tormented photo, full of frustration and tension but also it seems quite calm – the focus on my model (as Sinead shall so rightfully be known) is so clear and the colours are quite soft and bright. Everything seems to contrast – the picture seems both loud and quiet simultaneously.

Now that I’ve done pretentiously analysing my own photo, I’ll show you how the mood changes when I applied different filters on a photo editor called

If anyone can tell me where I can download photoshop for free, please let me know because I don’t want to have to use a photo editor called ‘be funky’ ever again please. (not that it was a bad website, it’s just a stupid name).

I feel like the absence of colour makes the photo seem almost devoid of emotion but somehow full of sadness. I also feel like 253 days of very sarcastic blogging makes it sound like I’m taking the piss but really I just love looking at symbolism in photography and art because I’m pretentious and self-loathing. That got a bit too deep. Black and white = more emotional, ooh.

I didn’t know this effect was really a thing but my friend did a similar thing with some photos of her boxing and overlaying them and I think this is a similar thing here. In contrast to the black and white, the red in this edit makes the photo seems particularly angry – the displacement of the model creating the blur, looking like two photos on top of each other give the moment of stillness some movement.

Wow, I really am overly pretentious. 

I like analysing, what can I say? I’m really proud of this photo and I can’t wait to learn to take better photos and especially learning about editing photos at university.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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