Page 251 of 365: I got more photography work!



I’m super excited because having been to a few dance school related events over the passing weekend, I’m really inspired both to get back to dancing (I’ll find somewhere at uni) and to take more photos of dancing. I went to see one of my old dance teachers yesterday and we had a really lovely catch up and a chat, this is when she suggested that I contact the principal of our dance school and ask if I could take some photos for the new website that’s being redesigned at the moment.

So I text her that night and she was more than happy! She asked me to make a video to go on the website as well and gave me a list of classes to go to over the next two weeks before I move to uni to get photos and videos for the new website.

Even though I asked to do the work, I still feel like I’m some sort of freelance photographer or something – I’m going to have to do a lot of work in editing the photos and putting the video together and I really like that, I like that I’ll be busy and have something to do other than pack and worry about uni.

The whole thing actually gets me more excited about uni because after I’ve done a term of photography, I’ll be able to come back and do even more for the dance school that has been a really big part of my life for 7 years now.

And one of the teachers also asked me if I’d want to write an article for one of the local newspapers about the workshop I took photos at which is really exciting because they like my style enough to want to use it and it’s extra portfolio work for me!

I’m really excited, I like the idea of freelancing to make money over the next few years of uni and obviously I’m not being paid for this nor would I ever ask to be paid – but if I do a good job they may offer me a paid job in the future, which would be brilliant.

Maybe freelancing will work out!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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