Page 249 of 365: Too Tired To Blog



I’ve been sat here wondering what to blog about for literally hours and I’ve been considering going to bed for all of that time and now I’m yawning again and it’s not even half past 9.

I think it’s either staying up livestreaming with my friend Poppy until the early hours of this morning, having to actually socialise with people two days running or because I haven’t had an afternoon nap for two days now.

Any of these could be viable ideas. It might also be that I’ve stopped drinking coca cola and I’ve got withdrawal symptoms.

So many people judged my addiction in Ecuador that I’m cutting it almost completely from my diet. I’m trying to be healthy. I don’t know. I’m very tired.

I’m really not awake enough to decide on a topic and write a decent, structured blog post about it so what I’m going to do instead is regret my decision to start an every-day blogging project and try to drag out talking about the subject of my own tiredness for an appropriate length of a blog post, whilst hoping that any of my teachers from my journalism course at university don’t read this post.

I’m sorry, this is the worst blog post I’ve ever written. It’s not. I’m pretty sure I’ve written blog posts about how I’m tired and don’t want to write a proper blog post that night. I’m so tired and so lazy. I apologise profusely on the behalf of my future, more awake and embarrassed self for the quality, or lack thereof, of this blog post.

Wow, this is awful. Here’s to blogging every day, right? What a brilliant idea. Thanks past Sophie.

Thank you for reading this mess,

Sophie xx

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