Page 248 of 365: Rushing Out



I write today’s blog post in quite a rush as I literally have to be out the door in five minutes – tonight I’m going out for a meal with all the leaving members of my dance school and it’s going to be cute and sentimental and sad but mostly cute.

Above is the outfit I’m wearing tonight modelled with wet hair and a messy room when my sister helped me decide what to wear tonight (and loaned me her lovely heely boots that I am desperate to steal but won’t… probably) and I really love it – it’s the closest I’ve ever felt to punk rock and I feel like it actually works?

Tonight I’m wearing it with infinitely more eyeliner and a dark lipstick and styled hair and I really do think it works – I feel like I could join Little Mix and sing salute.

But that might be something to do with listening to Black Magic on repeat as I was getting ready because I feel incomparably sassy when listening to that song. Incomparably.

So that’s about it – I need to leave in three minutes and I’ve got to make up a bed in that time, so I’ll keep it brief tonight and tell you all about it tomorrow!

I’m taking photos at a dance workshop tomorrow as well so maybe I’ll share a few of those!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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