Page 247 of 365: Popcorn



It’s 11.17pm and I’m feeling particularly uninspired today, so here’s what I call a ‘filler’ post – when you’re writing a new article every day, a few of them are going to be.

After dinner I treated myself to a bowl of sweet popcorn (my sister has started eating sweet and salty popcorn and I’ve been calling it demon popcorn – it shouldn’t exist) and popcorn is my snack of choice at the moment.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I go through cycles with my snacking – I eat one thing that I love for maybe a week or two but then I’ve eaten it too much and it annoys me and then I pick something new that I then make myself bored of and then eventually I go back round to a snack that I started with at the beginning.

I need to stop eating popcorn because I’m quite good at eating a whole bag of popcorn that is designed for sharing and at this rate I’m going to put back on all the weight I lost in Ecuador. And I’m quite fond of the weight I lost and the fact that it’s not on my body any more but my lack of strength to resist popcorn and other calorific snacks is not helping.

I keep telling myself that I’m going to join a couple of sports clubs when I get to uni and maybe start dancing again but the likelihood of that happening is quite small. I need to make a friend that will bully me into doing lots of exercise because right now, I’m not feeling motivated, despite my desire to lose more weight.

I’m too lazy for my own good!

Tell me about your favourite popcorn in the comments! (please, please note the sarcasm)

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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