Page 246 of 365: One Concert Ticket



I didn’t write about it yesterday because I had my hair on the brain, but I got a ticket to see All Time Low (for the fifth year in a row!) in London on February 11th next year in the fanclub presale!

I was part of the fanclub four or five years ago but the membership expired and I couldn’t afford another year’s membership. Earlier this year, I got an All Time Low newsletter that said they had discounts on renewing membership – for the basic ‘just membership’ package with the discount code, renewal was free! 

Which meant I had access to this tour’s presale tickets.

I had my singular ticket and I had text my mum with the confirmation that I had definitely got a ticket four minutes after they went on sale, so i got my ticket pretty much as soon as they went on sale.

The first 50 tickets at each date are eligible for Meet and Greet, so I’ve got my finger’s crossed that my ticket was in the first fifty but I imagine it was unlikely! (though there are still tickets available so they didn’t sell out… not that I’m getting my hopes up)

But this, however, marks the first concert I’ve ever got tickets for where I have only bought one and I don’t know if I’ll be going alone or if I’ll find someone at uni to go with me – and as someone who doesn’t like uncertainty and not having a plan, this is quite daunting!

I think I’d be quite happy going to the concert on my own because when you get into a standing concert like that it’s hard to stay close to or talk to friends anyway and if I’m alone I’m more likely to be able to wriggle my way forward without having to worry about losing other people, which is exciting but also if something happens to me (not that it will) I don’t have anyone else to rely on.

Pros and cons of going to a concert alone!

I might meet and become friends with another All Time Low fan when I get to university – someone’s already posted on the freshers group asking if anyone likes the band and many said they were looking to get tickets to the same concert.

Whilst I’m not a bit fan of uncertainty, I do quite like hypothetical conversations, so wondering what this concert will be like and who I’ll be with it both scary and exciting!

Here’s to a concert in five months!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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