Page 245 of 365: Drastic Hair Changes (that I haven’t made)

I went to the hairdressers today and I have quite the dilemma as to what I wanted to do with my hair – I’ve been umm-ing and aah-ing about whether to cut my hair to the length of Dodie Clark (the right hand picture) for a while now and I spent all of today getting painfully anxious about whether I should cut all my hair off or not.
Basically this is a post of things I said I was going to do with my hair that I never did.
It’s still in the works that I might dye my hair blue – I still have the bleach blonde and the blue hair dye sat in my bathroom amongst purple dye and dark brown dye (do I have a problem?). But I really like my blonde highlights right now, I’m tempted to get some brighter blonde dye and fix up my roots a bit but money is a thing I do not have and I might be able to make friends with some hair and make-up people at uni and do some ‘modelling’ for them. Maybe. I just want free perks please.
So, in conclusion – I wasn’t brave enough to cut all my hair off because I was scared that my hair wouldn’t actually look like Dodie’s hair because my hair’s thinner and curlier (I think?) and I don’t know if I’m actually the kind of person that would suit a whole head of blue hair because I saw a lot of people in London and Newquay that didn’t suit it and I don’t want to be one of them.
I’m very indecisive about my hair but I also get really bored if I don’t change it regularly, which is why I’m still considering cutting all my hair off before I leave for uni and/or dying it a brighter blonder.
The likelihood of either of these things happening is little to none.
I also want to get another tattoo – I’ve decided what I want and where I want it and the actual process of getting a tattoo doesn’t scare me at all but going into the shop to ask the scary, intimidating artists to give me a tattoo is the bit that scares me.
I’ll keep you up to date on the adventures of Sophie, Social Anxiety Girl (woman? I’m almost 19, am I a woman now?) as she battles the completely non-threatening Society.
Was that weird? I don’t know, let me know in the comments. YouTube always tells me to tell my audience to like/comment/subscribe and sometimes that leaks through to my blogging.
Thank you for reading,
Sophie xx
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