Page 244 of 365: Travelling to Australia



I went for a lovely meal out with my friends tonight and it was really nice to catch up and find out what they’re all planning to do with the next few months of their lives (very exciting).

One of my friends is going out to work in Australia for potentially a year and she’s said I can go visit her next summer for a month or two and our other friends said they’d come out and we’d go road tripping and it would be wonderful.

Basically the whole night turned into us catching up on gossip (and telling them everything about Ecuador) and discussing when we were going to go to Australia and who we would stay with and what we’d do while we were out there. 

It’s really exciting because I’ve wanted to travel to Australia for a very long time and if I do go, I’d want to go for a couple of months and probably spend a couple of weeks in New Zealand to visit friends I have out there too (also to visit the Lord of the Rings set). It’s an area of the world I really want to see and it’s a culture I think I’ll work with really well and I’m very excited as to what the future holds.

Even if I would be going in the Australian winter, it’s probably better than an English summer.

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Sophie xx

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One thought on “Page 244 of 365: Travelling to Australia

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