Page 240 of 365: ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ 5 Seconds of Summer EP review



Today, the EP accompanying 5 Seconds of Summers’ latest single ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ was released, alongside another song being released from their upcoming album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’, set for release October 23rd.

On the iTunes release of the EP, there are three new B-side tracks alongside an alternative version of the single, on the Amazon release there’s a further two new B-side tracks and then the new album track too. In total, there are six new songs that fans were listening to at the stroke of midnight last night so I thought I’d talk about them. I’m really excited about them.

‘She’s Kinda Hot’ presented a new sort of sound for the band – it’s much guitar heavier and even includes swearing (ooh, controversial), this kind of vibe is more similar to the bands they’ve shown a love for in their own personal preferences and less like the pop that was really popular in bands like One Direction.

I think this is a very clever move from a management point of view, but that’s for another blog post – let’s get talking about these songs.

Broken Pieces: This song is one of the first 5SOS have released that is explicitly about relationships but they’re much more mature and meaningful than the songs of the self titled album. The lyrics of all these songs are one of the biggest changes between the first album and this new music, such as ‘I’m trying to find a way to yesterday’.

Over and Out: Without a shadow of a doubt my favourite of the songs they’ve released so far – the introduction is so impactful and the chorus is so catchy. the repetition of ‘Because of you’ makes me think it’s in response to the Kelly Clarkson song but you’ve never hear a Kelly Clarkson song with this much drums and electric guitars, alongside Luke Hemmings’ deep voice singing ‘you can break me down, just like you did before’. I just adore this song and I know I’ll be listening to it, probably on repeat, on our 9 hour journey home from Newquay tomorrow.

Lost in Reality: Not as guitar heavy as Over and Out, but definitely as lyrically profound. These songs definitely share the vocal responsibilities out more, as Hemmings doesn’t dominate as much as he has in other EPs and albums. This song is particularly fun for people named Hayley, when the guys sing ‘hey, hey Hayley, won’t you save me’. I think ‘so, so Sophie’ would have worked just as well, but that’s just me.

Jet Black Heart: Described as the new ‘The Only Reason’ and ‘Wrapped Around Your Finger’, Michael Clifford dominates the vocals and the lead writer on this track I think. I love the music behind the lyrics – how it’s not always on beat and it’s more experimental on drummer Ashton Irwin’s behalf, showing off his incredible musicality. The lyrics might be my favourite of these six songs because they’re so powerful. This song is showing itself to be one of my favourites on an album that I haven’t heard yet.

Girl Who Cried Wolf: Some have described this song as the next Amnesia but I don’t think this song has the same sadness to it – this song reminds me more of ‘Missing You’ by All Time Low, because from a musical point of view it’s almost upbeat but the lyrics tell a different story. I love the acoustic vibe this song has and lyrics like ‘The girl who cries wolf every day ignored by gravity’ because ‘ignored by gravity’ doesn’t make much sense in any interpretation, but that’s the kind of lyrics that are seen as beautiful and deep. It’ll be a really good song to play live and have five thousand people singing back to you.

Safety Pin: In stark contrast to ‘The Girl Who Cried Wolf’, ‘Safety Pin’ opens with this pop-rock guitar riff and Hemmings deep voice declaring ‘broken boy meets broken girl’. The whole message of the new generation 5SOS songs seems to be; you do you, ‘you’ is more than enough. That’s so inspirational to so many fans all around the world. This sounds like a bonus track on an All Time Low album – more pop based than their other songs but still guitar heavy enough to not be categorised exclusively as pop. 

And it seems that Safety Pin gets it’s own artwork too.

I tried to make these reviews a little more in depth than ‘oh my god the lyrics’ like most of my other music reviews, but I’m really excited about these songs and the new music 5 Seconds of Summer are producing right now – I think they’re really settling into their genre and making some of the best music of their careers so far. I’m eagerly anticipating ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ on October 23rd.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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