Page 233 of 365: Delaying Posts about Ecuador



Yes, I’ve been making excuses for a few days now about when I’m going to start blogging about Ecuador. 

In my defence, in the last 24 hours since I wrote about putting off finishing my journal, I’ve typed almost 6000 words and I’m just about to start Day 29 which is all in Houston airport, so I’m out of Ecuador in my journal. I guess. Please stop judging me. I’m working on it I promise.

Hopefully I’ll finish my journal either tonight or tomorrow and then I should be able to write about the first few days or the first camp of the trip tomorrow night.

I’m having a dilemma you see – before this week I hadn’t written a blog post in a month because before I left, I wrote approximately 50 blog posts in preparation and now that I’m back, I feel like I can’t write about anything else until I’ve told you about Ecuador but on the other hand I don’t want to overwhelm everyone with Ecuador stuff but I also can’t think of anything else because I miss it a lot so I don’t know what else to blog about.

Can you tell from the length of that sentence that I’m very conflicted?

I’ve been putting my photos from the trip on Instagram one a day which spaces it out a little and stops the whole ‘spamming’ thing so I want to do that here, but every post since my Summer in the City ‘review’ has been Ecuador related without really telling you anything about the trip.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to tell you about the first camp from my trip – I’m intending them to be quite factual posts about what the accommodation and food and such were like but I know I’ll diverge into stories, I just don’t want it to overlap with the videos I make on my YouTube channel.

I’m very conflicted about the content I’m making right now and I’m going on holiday tomorrow – a week in Newquay with the family, lovely.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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