Page 229 of 365: Hey, I’m alive!



Look at that, a picture of my face – alive, slightly more tanned than when I left a month ago and being blinded by the London sun outside the ExCel centre at YouTube convention Summer in the City.

Also, very out of practise of writing blog posts – between writing that first paragraph and this one I did my university accommodation induction.

So, updates – I got back from Ecuador last Wednesday, found out on Thursday that I’d earned my place at uni (very unexpectedly) and then went to Summer in the City from Friday through to Sunday. Today was my first proper day off in over a month – I woke up at 9 and had two naps that afternoon, two very strange dreams, and I’m still tired. Still recovering from a month of camp, I think.

Ecuador was incredible – I’ve already planned about seven YouTube videos that I’m going to make using all the things I learnt about vlogging at Summer in the City. I’ve seen so many amazing things and I feel like the work we did really made a difference, to some of the camps anyway (we had some drama in Amazonia, but that’s a joke Team Crab will get and I’ll explain at some point… ‘stay tuned’ and all that stereotypical crap).

In a summarising post like this there’s no way I can find the words to adequately give Ecuador the glory it deserves, but the Galapagos was absolutely astounding and I feel like a different person now. In a really good way.

Summer in the City was very, very different (obviously) but the Creator Day was really informative and I learnt a lot about using a camera and the kind of equipment that can make videos better and how to branch out into different genres of YouTube. The weekend ticket was less about learning and more about ‘fun’, I guess. I went to a pun panel with Evan Edinger and Niki and Sammy and it was hilarious – it was so cool to see these people that I’ve been watching online in real life and seeing that their humour follows through and really witnessing how honest these people are in their YouTube videos.

I’ll write a more detailed post about SITC 2015 in the next few days. This post is just to let you know that Ecuador was incredible, results day was much happier than I anticipated and SITC lived up to every expectation.

Thank you for sticking with me while I was away and thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

That’s where you’ll find me:
Snapchat: @SophieALuckett


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